Birthday pARTies

Why not celebrate your next big birthday party with us?

Birthday pARTy is for of all ages!
General Admission:

  • $35 : 16 x 20 Canvas Adults (on minimum in-studio/12 out-of-studio)
  • $25 : 16 x 20 Canvas Kids 5-14yrs (no minimum in-studio/13 out-of-studio)
  • $20 : 12 x 16 Canvas Kids 5-14yrs (no minimum  in-studio/16 out-of-studio)
  • $10 : 12 x 16 panel ages 3-5
  • Ceramics:  Prices range from $8 to $20.  You pick the price per child.  The most liked options are $14.  (No minimum)

*Please note that if you want a private room for your party you will be required to have a 10 person minimum.   





Bring your own food, drinks, birthday cake, music, and we’ll provide the pARTy!  There is a 10 child minimum for kiddo birthday parties in-studio and 14 out-of-studio. We do not charge ex
tra for the room we just ask that you meet your minimum. We ask that you limit your party to 3 hours. Usually there is drying time for each painting and this is a good time to eat cake and open presents. 

You can choose a kiddo friendly painting from our kids gallery under the Gallery By theme tab.  

Or…If you would like we can create a custom picture for you. Just upload the picture or idea when you register your party and we
will create it for you but it will need to be changed from the original.  

Additional Information

Make sure you wear old clothes, because acrylic paint can ruin fabric! It does come very easily off of hands and faces, though! (Whew!)

For the Kiddo Friendly and Family Events, we ask that you please do not bring alcoholic beverages!

Here are some answers to common questions that you may have:

Our private parties are held in the lower studio where The Club Down Under was located. If you need wheelchair access, please let us know and we will hold the event upstairs in our upper studio. You can arrive 1 hour early to do any addition decorating that you may want to do and time to prepare any food that you may have. We permit any food and drinks that you want to bring. There is often a drying time that we have where we would usually have to blow dry our paintings. This is a good time to have cake and open presents rather than taking the time to dry the paintings. We ask that you keep your party to about a 3 hour limit. We will have everything set up for you by the time of your party. We provide table cloths for under the painting area. However, we have an extra table set up for you for gifts. You may want to bring a table cloth for this table. We also have a bar that you can place your food on with electric. If you have several roasters you may want to bring extra extension cords.  Contact us today for more details!

Fun for kids of all ages at the Uptown Painting Party!