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Renee Cramer: Owner & Operator

reneeHello I’m Renee Cramer and I am excited to be a part of the team at Uptown Painting Party!

One thing about me is that I love to transform the world around me! I have expressed my creativity in many different forms over the years from doing hair and nails to interior decorating, faux wall painting and plastering techniques, murals, sewing, reupholstering and painting furniture, making flower arrangements and crafts, as well as liturgical dancing and singing.

In the past I have worked as a landscape design artist and a professional cake decorator. I also currently have a face painting business called Master Piece Face Painting. I am excited to now be painting on canvas and working with the team at Uptown Painting Party as well as getting to meet and paint with all of you!

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Tia Livengood: Artist

Greetings, everyone! My name is Tia Livengood, and I am immensely grateful and elated to be able to say that I will be your art instructor at Uptown Painting Party!

From an early age I can say that I have been perpetually enthralled and devoted to two subjects; various forms of the arts, and zoology. Being an aspiring zoologist I enjoy incorporating any and all animals into my art and paintings.

In addition to painting, I am also a photographer ( ). I also enjoy any and all crafts I can get my hands on. So if anyone would need advice in quilting, knitting, photo-canvas transfers, or any other crafts, I would be more than happy to provide advice with this as well.

I am currently residing in the small, and rural town of Rockwood, PA, with my wonderful boyfriend, Alberto. He is also a photographer ( ), and is always dedicated to helping me accomplish my dreams and ambitions. Having supportive friends and family around me is a constant inspiration in my paintings.

Natural settings may be my forte, however I hope to bring a wide diversity of ideas to the table, I hope to appeal to any and all interests, and assist anyone interested to perceive subjects in a different light. There are many creative spins on canvas painting I would love to share with you. But above all, I hope that you may have a wonderful and fun time joining me!

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Anna Martin: Artist

annaHi Everyone! I am very excited to be a part of what’s going on here at Uptown Painting Party!

I love all the new and exciting people I get to meet, the people I get to work with and I love Painting! Every since I can remember, I have always been super passionate about art! I have tried many mediums! I have worked with all types of paints, drawing materials, crafts, and just about anything else I could get my hands on! At 12, I got my first set of oils and have been hooked on painting ever since! In high school, I sold my first piece of arts that were to be hung in restaurants around the east coast. I have also painted many murals and sold arts and crafts throughout the years. I was also a substitute art teacher at a local school, for a time, have given private art lessons and painted at conferences. Over the years I had attended different art classes and learned from my mom, local artist, Penny Neimiller. I have a wonderful husband, Paul and three beautiful children.

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Robin Sodmont: Artist/Assistant

Hello! I am Robin Sodmont. I have always been interested in art in some capacity. If I wasn’t “playing” school teacher with a pretend classroom I was found painting or drawing; and now I get to enjoy both!

            I graduated from Clarion University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine art. Actually it wasn’t until my second year of college that I had my first ever painting experience. When my hand met the paintbrush it was like putting chocolate and peanut butter together: a perfect combo. From then on painting has been a huge part of my life and main area of focus when it comes to art.

I have done many portrait paintings in my work finding the subject of people fascinating and worth the challenge. Each person is so diverse and I love finding the facets of a person’s character, the uniqueness in their smile, or the laugh lines on their face.

I do dabble somewhat in comic/cartoon drawing; although another large part of my work involves painting wall murals. I love giving someone that perfect design on their wall, an image they will enjoy seeing again and again. I have done designs with Alice in Wonderland, an underwater/shark theme, The Land Before Time, Superman, and Winnie the Pooh. Feel free to check out my wall murals and more at Feathering Bristles (

I have grown up and lived in the same town and same house all of my life…which is the very small town of Hastings, Pa. It is here that you will find exactly one small gas station, one restaurant, and a lovely public library…not even one street light on the roads. Though it is this small town that helps stem my creativity: finding what most would call “drab”, beautiful, finding ways to have fun in limited resources, and making the best of every situation. I am also very close to my family and enjoying making every memory with them! As I look forward to making memories with you.

I think art is all around us and is to be appreciated and celebrated when it is often times not. That is why I am so excited to have this opportunity! I work as a teacher’s aide at Admiral Peary Vo-tech and just love helping people and watching someone learn; so let’s have fun and explore your creative side!!

Due to my location being a bit of a stretch from Somerset where you can find the location of Uptown Painting Party, look most often for me to be at on-site location in the surrounding areas.

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Crystal Swope: Artist

Hello everyone!  My name is Crystal Swope and I am extremely ecstatic and overjoyed to be joining the wonderful team of artists at Uptown Painting Party! 

A few things about myself; from a very young age I have always enjoyed many forms of art.  I was always the child getting into trouble for “decorating” my bedroom walls!  In high school I took pleasure in taking as many art classes that I could possibly take.  Even if that meant sneaking out of study hall to go to the art room to paint.  I also excelled at graphic arts and graphic design.  My senior year I was awarded a scholarship for a “Design an Add” contest where my add was chosen by a local business to be the new logo for their company.  Whether is was doing pottery and making a vase on a potter’s wheel or printing a T-shirt for “the world’s best grandma”, art has always been a part of my life.  I also have a passion for photography.  Everything from snapping a photo to developing it.  Having grown up in beautiful Pennsylvania where almost every sunset and sunrise is “picture percect”, it’s hard not to enjoy it.

I currently reside in a very small town inside of Somerset County where I have lived for the majority of my life.  I am the very proud momma of a bright, sweet, little boy named Caleb. I am truly blessed to be doing something I genuinely love and enjoy.

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone and painting beautiful art together.  I hope that I can make your painting experience not only a fun one but a memorable one as well!!

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Kathy Glover: 

Thank you ALL for attending our pARTies, FUNdraisers, and for all of your continued support to help bring new events to Uptown Somerset, PA!

Just a little about me….I have an amazing husband and two beautiful little girls who are my complete world.  I love being a mom and wife and enjoy every day God gives me, regardless if it is good or bad, I am thankful. Always.

944699_10151899479112892_1534392352_nI come from an incredible crafty and creative family, which helps me in all aspects of the multiple businesses I have been involved in during my career.  I have a BSBA in Marketing from Robert Morris College way back in 2000, and have learned so much in the past 15 years.  However, once I think I know what I’m doing, something happens to remind me we can never stop learning and giving myself a chance to grow. I strive to look at the positive side as much as possible and enjoy being around uplifting and happy people. I love a good party!!

The idea from Uptown Painting Party stemmed from all of the fun art classes I attended in the Pittsburgh area, but with our own unique style.  Our family owns Glades Court Mall and I thought it would be a wonderful addition to the Uptown Somerset area and to our buildings.  The space in the Newberry building went unused for years, and it’s wonderful to finally bring life to that beautiful, large space!

So my crafty side took flight and we started events once a month until we could bring the right mix of people together to really launch this venture.  I’m always looking for new ideas!  If you have any questions, want to submit ideas, or just call to say “hey!” feel free to contact me!

I hope to meet you soon and thank you again for helping us create something really cool for the area. Don’t forget to check out our calendar and come join the pARTy!

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