More Info

  • All paintings are done within 2 or 3 hours, depending on event
  • Paintings are done on a 16×20 or 12×16 canvas with acrylic paint, unless otherwise specified
  • BYOB is optional for every event!  If you are scheduling a private event, we are more than happy to suggest a “no alcohol” policy
  • Children and teens are welcome to attend all parties, but must be accompanied by an adult.  We have teen and family events scheduled, please see calendar for more details.
  • If an event is scheduled in a bar/restaurant with over 21 guidelines, children are not permitted to attend.
  • Private pARTies must have a minimum of 10 attending.
  • FUNdraisers must have a minimum of 15 attending.
  • Children are not discounted when purchasing tickets for FUNdraisers.
  • For Private, in-home pARTies- home owners assume all responsibility in regards to alcohol consumption and any damage that may occur to one’s property during event.
  • Groupon customers will not be refunded previously purchased tickets in order to purchase discounted tickets.
  • You can schedule an event any day of the week, providing the instructor is available.  Please contact us for more info!
  • We will post pictures of the event on our Facebook page.  If you do not wish to have your picture online, please let us know!  We will honor your requests.
  • Do you need inspired on a pARTy idea?  Here is a great website for a list of daily and monthly holidays throughout the year!
  • We are located in Glades Court Mall, at 101 W. Main Street, Somerset, PA in the Uptown Somerset, PA
  • Visit our on-site restaurant, Kitty’s Corner Cafe, and eat before you paint with us!